KBFF and FunFloorball since 2010 (www.funfloorball.com)

KBFF (us, the organisers) started as a floorball team created by a group of school players back in 2010 who still wanted to be active in the sport.

Our team has now grown to two teams of 50 girls who play in either of two Singapore Floorball League teams- Dolphins and Orcas. These are the same girls you will see and setting up the venue and running the TGIFloorball events.

If you’re female and would like to join our league team, sure! We welcome players of all levels.

Our motto over the years has been FunFloorball. With that in mind, #TGIFloorball was started in 2017 by us with the support of Kebun Baru CSC as an avenue for anyone with interest to have a go without having to start young, have prior experience, or feel intimidated. It has been great making new friends along the way too.