Children’s Day Floorball

Celebrate this Children’s Day with us by turning the TGIFriday on <5th October> into a fun session of #TGIFloorball! 🎉 Beyond training our ladies for the upcoming league games, we have also been working on a collaboration together with Kebun Baru CSC & the North West CDC to cater for kids floorball in a tournamentContinue reading “Children’s Day Floorball”


Upcoming Dates

The dates for this series are: 31 August, 7 and 21 September, 5 and 19 October SESSION FEES One-time Registration Fee: $15.00 [equipment provided] COURSE FEE Duration: 1.5 hours 6 sessions: $90.00 ($15.00 per session) or; Play-per-session: $18.00 per session 20% OFF FOR SIBLINGS (i.e. BROTHER/ SISTER ONLY) 6 sessions: $72.00 ($12.00 per session) or;Continue reading “Upcoming Dates”